Winter Warmers for Lions & Tigers

Sanctuary appeal

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS) in South Africa is home to lions and tigers rescued from a life of suffering and abuse around the world. Our aim is to give these animals a life as close to nature as possible to the one that was stolen from them.

Our animals have endured years of abuse. Some more than a decade confined in tiny circus cages, lacking exercise, lying in excrement and urine, and malnourished. At ADIWS we pick up the pieces dealing with arthritis, spine problems and other health issues.

The houses attached to their main habitats have rooms for treatment and observation and to provide a warm place to sleep for these animals. We have heated floors in three houses for senior lions and we want to add heat lamps to the houses for our lions and tigers to keep them snug at night as they approach their senior years.

To fit a solar powered heated lamp in a night house is $963. If you want to pay the full cost we will add a sign saying “House heated by YOUR NAME”.

Can you help and give a lion or tiger a warm place to sleep tonight?

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