Fight climate change and help animals

Solar power for the ADIWS

Climate change is the greatest threat to the natural environment and the survival of species that the world faces. For the sake of our planet, we must all dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS), South Africa, has a tree planting program which has already seen over 200 trees planted and many of our new installations are solar powered: lion and tiger enclosure fencing, water pumps, motorized gates, security cameras and outdoor lights.

With your help, the ADIWS can be fully solar powered this year: Our offices, freezers, food preparation areas, heating and lighting for lion and tiger houses, accommodation and future veterinary clinic, the education center, film theater and offices.  When we open our doors to South African schoolchildren we will be able to showcase solar technology and how to reduce our impact on the planet.

This will require almost 100 solar panels on our large barn roof at the center of the sanctuary, energizers and battery storage, and cabling to where ever power is needed.

Please support this important green initiative to help the planet and provide energy security for the sanctuary.

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