Give Rolex a new pad

so he can still be close to his sisters

Sometimes you want your own space! Rolex and sisters Africa and Kiara, rescued from a circus in Peru, have made it clear they like things as they are! In their shared home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa they enjoy sitting and even sleeping close to each other on opposite sides of the fence, but don’t want to share the same space. Although we were able to get the lions together a few times as part of Operation Lonely Hearts, it was clear that Africa and Kiara are just too close for another to join their group.

So, we will split the habitat into two; they can all enjoy a main habitat, platforms, dens, a feeding camp and night house. They will be right next to each other and can communicate, maybe rub through the fence if they want, but in their own space.

Can you donate to give Rolex his own pad, next to his sisters?

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