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ADI needs your help

The ongoing financial uncertainties following the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and rising cost of living have led to a huge shortfall in donations.

ADI’s vital work for animals is at risk.

ADI evidence and campaigns have secured national laws and regulations protecting animals in nearly 200 countries. Major victories we have spearheaded include bans on cosmetics testing on animals, ending the use of apes and wild caught monkeys in experiments, multiple bans on animals in circuses, and strengthening laws to end animal trafficking. We have emptied every circus cage in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, and Guatemala saving hundreds of animals – huge rescues only possible after our sustained campaigns.

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa provides a home for lions and tigers saved from circuses (Max pictured above). Our planned education center will welcome schools to learn about animals and our shared environment, in a critical region for wildlife protection. It costs $40,000 per month to run the sanctuary, that’s $1,300 per month to care for a lion or tiger.

Please give what you can towards ADI work around the world. Keep us on the frontline for animals.

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