Circus animal relocation

A new life is waiting, we just need to get them there

Saved from a life of circus suffering, 12 tigers and 5 lions are waiting in a Temporary Rescue Center in Guatemala to go to their forever home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

Relocating 17 big cats is a huge logistical challenge involving multiple permits, trucks, crane, an 8,000 mile flight, and building habitats at the sanctuary.

Every lion or tiger needs a special travel crate, built to an ADI design, meeting international air transport standards. Each crate cost $970 and we need 17 of them. So, we must raise $16,490.

We need to fly these animals to their new life this month. Can you help?


A generous ADI supporter has offered match the first $5,000 raised with $10,000. We just need to raise a total of $6,490 now, TO BUILD A TRAVEL CRATE FOR EACH OF THE 17 LIONS AND TIGERS and keep the Operation Liberty Flight to Freedom Flight on schedule for the 17 lions and tigers.

Any additional funds received will go towards the care of the animals and their relocation.


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