Building a future for animals in need

Support the new ADI sanctuary in South Africa!

ADI turned 455 acres of beautiful land in South Africa into a sanctuary for the wild animals rescued from abuse all over the world.  Animals like Tanya (pictured), Tarzan, Kimba, Nena, Sasha and Tomas – rescued by ADI from tiny circus cages in Guatemala.

Our priority is securing the sanctuary to ensure our precious animals are safe to play and have fun.  We have multiple electrified perimeter fences with “no man’s land” between them.

Our main fortress fence is electrified top to bottom and has a 1.4 meter electrified apron protruding to ensure no one can dig under it.  Any attempt to tamper with it will set off an alarm and the location will be identified in the control room.

This is one of the most important investments you can make to help protect the animals ADI rescues now and in the future.

Please donate today. Thank you.


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