Essential building at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary

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In 2018, ADI purchased 455 acres of land in South Africa to build a new sanctuary with huge, natural habitats for rescued animals. We currently have 39 rescued lions and tigers in our care – nearly all saved from circuses in Peru, Colombia and Guatemala.

Clean and effective waste disposal and maximizing water conservation are a vital part of our vision for an environmentally-friendly sanctuary.

We want to build an eco-friendly wastewater filter system. Through biological filtration – using nature to give us a helping hand – we can process the sanctuary’s effluent while adding to our biodiversity. Reeds which absorb the waste nutrients will provide natural habitat for insects and birds. Another important step in making the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to a generous offer from Big Cat Rescue (our partners saving tigers Hoover, Kimba, Simba, and Max) if we can raise half of the costs ($50,000) for this, they will match it.

Your donation today will enable us to take on this huge, essential project, on which you can claim tax relief and gift aid.

Thank you for your support.


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